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Butterfly Blessings - Dare To Dream - Butterfly Wisdom - Bush Taxi to Banjul

eptember 11th. The war on terrorism. Corruption and greed. Environmental destruction. Personal and planetary crises that are challenging us to change the way we live. In her second book in the Butterfly series, author Claire Scott takes a bold and provocative look at death and dying.

"Dying people speak to us when we open our hearts to hear. When we really listen deeply, we can receive gifts from those leaving Earth, gifts like honour, truth, forgiveness, wisdom, respect, courage and love. And in finding our purpose and living it passionately, we will be returning the gifts to people who have touched our lives and taught us well."

What we learn about death and dying will help guide us in reshaping and redefining our future. Order this exciting new 144-page book today. Celebrate the wisdom of the "butterflies"!

ISBN 0-9685416-2-3 $13.50 144 pages

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